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Rise In COVID-19 Cases Causes Backlog NPH Lab

The Ministry of Health and Human Services is advising the general public that the tremendous increase in COVID-19 cases has resulted in mammoth quantities of persons seeking testing, resulting in a significant backlog of samples to be processed.

“The Ministry is currently exploring multiple avenues to address the current demand and craves the understanding and patience of the public during this unprecedented period,” the ministry said in a statement.

It said that the COVID-19 Dashboard reflects active cases that were detected via PCR processing at the National Public Health Laboratory (NPHL).

“Persons with a positive antigen/lateral flow device test are first confirmed at the NPHL, before being included on the dashboard,” it said.

The recent surge in COVID-19 cases has caused significant impact in multiple sectors, causing reduced service delivery. As such, the ministry is encouraging residents of the TCI to use all available precautions, which include maintaining a face covering while around others, physical distancing of at least 6 feet, frequent hand hygiene and vaccination.

“Persons experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or who have received positive antigen test results are reminded to stay home unless getting tested.

“COVID-19 Vaccines are available for residents 12 years and older across the TCI free of cost. Booster doses are now available three months after receiving the second dose,” the ministry informed.

According to the Ministry of Health, vaccination is one of the best measures to protect against severe disease, hospitalizations and death from COVID-19. The Ministry of Health also encourages unvaccinated individuals to strongly consider taking the shot, and those who are vaccinated, to take the booster.

It is also imploring everyone to play their part in reducing the spread of COVID-19 in the TCI.

“Get Vaccinated, Get ‘Boosterized’, Protect yourself and Protect your loved ones,” the release concluded.


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