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‘Rise Up and Take Your Position’ Should Be in Schools – Education Minister

The book, ‘Rise Up and Take Your Position’, penned by Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Drexwell Seymour should be part of the schools’ curriculum, this according to Minister of Education Hon. Rachel Taylor.

Author of ‘Rise Up and Take Your Position’, Drexwell Seymour (second right) share lens with Minister of Infrastructure and Planning Hon. Akierra Missick (right) Minister of Education Hon. Rachel Taylor (second left) and government Member of Parliament Hon. Shaun Malcolm at the book launch.

In an interview with NewslineTCI at the launch of Seymour’s book at the Community Fellowship Centre Church on Leeward Highway recently, Taylor pointed out that her opinion as to why the book should be placed in schools stemmed from the consideration that after going through it, found out that it is an inspirational book.

“I think that Drexwell’s book needs to be in all schools of the Turks and Caicos Islands, because it is a very encouraging, motivating and inspiring book that definitely will make a difference in the lives of our children and encourage them to rise up in spite of” she said.

The education minister lauded the eclectic Seymour for his foray also into songwriting and filmmaking. At the launch, a short film, produced by him was also launched. It was also revealed that the theme song for the book, which was sung by Barbara Johnson, dubbed the TCI Songbird, was co-written by him.

“I salute him, not just for the book and for being a writer, but also for being a songwriter and for producing that film. That is quite a milestone in his life, and his success story has spoken for itself,” the minister added, reiterating her position that ‘Rise up and Take Your Position’ should be in schools.

“I do think it will inspire, motivate and encourage young persons to understand that it does not matter where you are from, but will inspire you to do well in spite of your circumstances,” she said.

For her part, Minister of Infrastructure and Planning Hon. Akierra Missick applauded Seymour for the book, describing the author’s story as encouraging.

“We always knew that Drexwell was a smart boy. He mentioned that he never liked to write. But we all knew that he has the greatest ability to do whatever it is, and despite the various challenges that he had in his life he overcame them, and I really believe that that is a very positive story,” Minister Missick said, describing Seymour as a genuine patriot.

“Drexwell is a true patriot who wants Turks and Caicos Islanders to find their passion, cultivate it and walk in their path. I’ve known Drexwell for many, many years. We actually did a course together when we were learning creole, and that goes to show that Drexwell will take on any task with vigour, energy and excitement,” the minister continued.

Minister Missick pointed out that events such as the book launch were her kind of event since there are always real-life stories that inspire.

“To be honest with you, these are the type of events I love attending, and lending my support to…a genuine burning desire for the betterment of people in these islands. So, I am so humbled and blessed to be here tonight.

“I love the fact that not only was it a book but also a movie that tells a very vulnerable story, which gave the basis of where the content of the book comes from,” pointed out, contending that the writer, based on his struggle with low self-worth could have taken a different, more unsavoury path.

“He could have gone in a different direction. He could have quit, he could have taken the abuse, the fact that it started in a time when we were shamed for being dark-skinned. Now, we are being celebrated, we have models who look like us in every way, shape or form.

“He took that shame and turned it into purpose, and now look at him today. He is an author, he is a blogger, he is a YouTube blogger, but most importantly, he is a man of God, and that is important,” Minister Missick concluded.



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