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Scateline Gedeon Dominates Both Soccer and Service

Scateline Gedeon & Restaurant Manager Shereka Dobson

Some leaders are born, while others are made, and for Scateline Gedeon the latter aptly represents her. 

A valued dining room supervisor at Beaches Turks and Caicos (BTC) and a skillful national player for the Turks and Caicos Islands women’s football team, Scateline thrives on being a leader in the middle of the field and in the restaurants. Described as an individual who is passionate about service, she remains a multi-talented team member, mother and sporting enthusiast.

The former Clement Howell High School graduate has been a member of the BTC’s food and beverage department for 12 years and a member of the national football team since 2009 where she has represented her country in several international matches. Scateline’s passion for service has propelled her into a life of coaching, where she guides younger players in the sport and also helps team members from the different restaurants at the resort.     

“The leadership qualities that I have gained here at Beaches Turks and Caicos have allowed me to transfer them onto the field of play, especially whenever I am representing my country. I’m very passionate about my role as a leader and the same passion that I have at work, I also have on the field. I am a team player who always encourages my team members to maintain standards of excellence. I believe in scoring goals both on and off the field,” shared Scateline.

While highlighting some of the leadership courses that she has done through the Sandals Corporate University (SCU), Scateline considers Leading Others, Train the Trainer and Team Building Techniques as the most impactful.

“I must commend the team from the Learning and Development department as they are always willing to guide every team member in experiencing educational growth. With the many online courses that are offered, the manager, Phildreka Mayham and her team have been a positive influence for me as I have been able to merge my professional development with the academic growth that the company offers,” Scateline noted.

Restaurant manager, Shereka Dobson in describing Scateline’s leadership styles noted, “Scateline is a natural leader. She uses her discipline, attention to detail and team building experiences from sports to enhance her culinary leadership style and helps to motivate those around her to always give of their best.”

Scateline’s involvement in giving back to her community has also been recognised as she is one of the Sandals Foundation ambassadors who volunteers in several outreach projects. She describes her involvement with children in various schools as some of her fondest experiences.

“Giving back for me is similar to the mentorship that I have received from the many leaders in my career. National soccer coach, Aaron Lawrence and BTC’s Executive Assistant Manager, Alpheus Pinder, have been two of those leaders whose passion for youth development have played major roles in my development.

Whenever I get the chance to share with children, I always remind them of my journey within the hospitality industry as well as my career as a national player. Being able to motivate the younger generation is something that I look forward to doing especially through my involvement with the Sandals Foundation,” added Scateline.

General Manager, James McAnally noted, “Scateline displays the mindset that we cultivate here at Beaches Turks and Caicos, that of giving of our best in all that we do. As a company, we are happy for her commitment to nation building through sports and hospitality as one of our emerging leaders.  We are proud of her and how well she has managed to merge sports and hospitality on her development journey.”


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