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Series Of Activities Marked Raymond Gardiner High School 50th Anniversary

Members of the Royal Turks & Caicos Police Marching Band, following the church service, led a procession to AOP, where a concert, headlined Simeon Outten and backed by Provision Band, was held.

The 50th Anniversary of the Raymond Gardiner High School (RGHS) in North Caicos saw a plethora of activities held to mark the occasion.

RGHS, formerly North Caicos Junior High School (NCJHS) was opened on Monday, September 3rd, 1973. The milestone celebration begun with a series of fundraising events. The first event was a Crab Extravaganza, which was held on June 19, 2023, at the TCI National Stadium in Providenciales. The next event was the ‘Road To 50 Health & Wellness Day’, which was staged on August 19, 2023, at the Graceway Gourmet Parking Lot in Grace Bay, Providenciales.

On September 23, 2023, the committee held a ‘Road To 50 Fun Run, at the Bight Park, Lower Bight, Providenciales, then about a week later, on September 29, staged ‘Road To 50 Family Fun Day, at the National Stadium in Providenciales. On October 14, 2023, the committee held a ‘Fun Run /Walk on North Caicos.

Gardiner House emerged victorious from the Sports Day

Bellefield Landing, North Caicos came alive on Friday, October 27, 2023, with Welcome Party, featuring the Star Junkanoo Band performed by RGHS Students and DJ Space, an alumnus of the institution.

One of the biggest events of the celebration series – the Grand Gala Ball- slated for the Horse Stable Beach, suffered some a minor setback due to weather. But despite the decor and music set-up delay caused by strong winds and lingering showers, the committee was able to pull it together, and everyone enjoyed a beautiful night.

A section of the hall where the banquet was held.

The theme for the occasion was ‘Nurturing A Legacy of Excellence’, which was hosted by Obrien Forbes. Guest Speaker was Bishop Dr. Cyclyn R. Smith-Mobley. The honorees at the event were Hope Hamilton, Susan Musgrove, Edith Gray (former student and teacher), and Agnes Swann - former Teacher and Acting Principal.

Other honorees were Briann Gardiner and Juca Higgs. They were recognized for going above and beyond to ensure the success of the 50th anniversary string of events.

On the morning of Saturday, October 28, 2023, was the ‘Cheerleading & Banner Competition, Road To 50 Sports Day’, with Gardiner's House emerging victorious.

The Raymond Gardiner High School has three Sports houses/teams - Duncanson's House (Blue), Gardiner's House (Red), Seymour's House (Yellow). Prior events were garnered for teams to accumulate points before the final showdown in North Caicos - October 27-29, 2023.

Former District Commissioner for North Caicos, Cyclair Musgrove poses with members of Raymond Gardiner High School Junkanoo Band

In the afternoon the committee hosted an event called ‘Festarama & Cultural Expo, which was held from 2PM -to 10PM. The event was hosted by retired district commissioner for North Caicos - Cyclair Musgrove.

Cultural Performances were performed by students of the Adelaide Oemler Primary, Charles Hubert James Primary and the Raymond Gardiner High School. Music was provided by ProVision Band, A+Band, and Q-Band Lynks. Nishie L.S., and Blaudy J from The Bahamian Artist were the special guests. During the event a raffle was also held.

On Sunday, October 29, 2023, a ‘Golden Jubilee Thanksgiving Service’ was held at the Church of God of Prophecy in Bottle Creek, North Caicos. A procession was held from the RGHS to Church of God of Prophecy, led by the Royal Turks & Caicos Police Marching Band.

The service was led by former student, Pastor Ronald Gardiner. The Charge was brought by Pastor Bradley Handfield, a former student of the RGHS.

Following the service, the Royal Turks & Caicos Police Marching Band led a procession to AOP, where a concert, headlined Simeon Outten, backed by Provision Band was held.

The bands chosen to perform were all North Caicos roots or have an RGHS alumni member.



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