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Stunning TCHTA Destination 2023 Magazine Cover Unveil Captivates Attendees

Minister of Tourism Hon. Josephine Connolly (second left), joins CEO of the TCHTA, Stacy Cox (left) and TCHTA President Trevor Musgrove, at the unveiled cover of the 2023 edition of Destination Turks and Caicos Magazine.

The 17th edition of the TCHTA Destination Turks and Caicos Islands Magazine was unveiled during a mid-morning launch at the Coral Pavilion in Leeward, Providenciales on Tuesday, January 31.

The organization welcomed tourism partners, association members, advertisers, writers, and supporters to be the first to see the magazine’s latest breathtaking cover.

Event attendees released audible gasps at the unveiling of the cover photo, which displayed a majestic blue hole off the island of Middle Caicos. The image, shot by Agile Levin of Visit TCI, showed off the beauty of the hole and its enormous size, highlighted by the dotting of kiteboarders displayed just beneath it.

The “About the Cover” article, written by magazine Head Writer Sonia Omega Simmons of SOS Media, reveals just how magnificent the water feature is, touted to be nearly 2000 ft in diameter.

“Every year we wonder how the creative team could possibly top the year before, and somehow, they do!”, stated a beaming Stacy Cox, CEO of the TCHTA. “Cover to cover, this magazine is not only filled with breathtaking images of the undeniable beauty Turks and Caicos offers, but the stories draw you in, and make you want to explore every inch of these islands, even as a resident.” She continued, “I am especially proud to see that we had an even bigger response from local writers this year, and every piece is captivating.”

The TCHTA publication is the premier luxury magazine for the Turks and Caicos Islands, placed in rooms throughout the country for visitors to enjoy and take away as a treasured keepsake. Its highlights of the best accommodations, activities, dining, wellness and destination wedding providers have earned it the designation of “The Destination Guide” over the years. It is a trusted resource for visitors wanting to explore everything these islands offer.

Some of the attendees at the event obviously could not wait to get their hands on a copy of the 2023 edition of Destination TCI Magazine.

Giving insight into the magazine’s reach, Karen Whitt, TCHTA Board Director and Marketing Chair shared, “As of last year, the magazine not only has placement in resort rooms, but we’ve made it accessible to those planning to travel here even before they arrive on island. This has given our advertisers a distinct edge as their product gets more visibility by travellers in the decision-making stage”.

She added, “We showcase the magazine on every marketing trip for the destination. It is accessible by QR code on compact tent cards and is gifted to travel partners on USB drives compatible with all mobile devices. We do our best to ensure this stunning magazine, its incredible stories, and our world-class offerings are seen by all.”

Themed this year to focus on Eco-tourism in the destination, the magazine highlights eco-friendly developments, farm-to-table dining experiences, ‘buying local’, Voluntourism, and insight into how travellers can enjoy Turks and Caicos responsibly.

Honourable Josephine Connolly and Permanent Secretary Wesley Clerveaux attended the launch, representing the Ministry of Tourism. The duo joined TCHTA CEO Stacy Cox and TCHTA President Trevor Musgrove, to unveil the cover.

Musgrove shared his excitement for the piece, “This is something the entire country can certainly be proud of. It is beautifully executed, looks and feels like no other magazine in the country, and I am especially excited to see our local talent featured throughout its pages.”

He continued, “We couldn’t do this each year without the support of our members, and so we extend our thanks to them. To our member photographers, the magazine is only as stunning as it is because of their incredible work. I have no words that adequately describe how proud I am of Stacy and the team for managing this from start to finish. What they have done is nothing short of exceptional.”

Leo Lightbourne, one of the writers for the 2023 edition of Destination Turks and Caicos Magazine shows off his article beside the unveiled cover of the magazine.

Erin Patrick of EP Designs once again provided the creative direction and design for the magazine, with Nicholette Thomas and Sonia Omega Simmons as co-editors.

The team invited the Turks & Caicos National Trust, the DECR, and Philip Shearer of Big Blue Collective to pen special pieces dedicated to protecting the country’s tourism product.

Alongside Head Writer Sonia Omega Simmons, this year’s section writers were Dr. Carlton Mills, Jayne Baker, L. T. Bourne, Levenia Bishop, Evangelia “Lia” Jardine, Lavern Skippings-Reynolds, and Lorraine Kenlock. Paradise Photography, Brilliant Studios, Visit TCI, and Eye Spice provided photography.

The Source hosted the gathering at the Coral Pavilion, with attendees transported to the villa courtesy of Grace Bay Car Rental’s newest Tesla fleet. The poolside and ocean views were a fitting backdrop for the beautiful event.

Now officially launched, Destination 2023 is on its way to accommodations and businesses throughout the country and can be viewed in its entirety on the home page of the TCHTA website:

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