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TCI Joins the Blue Belt Programme

The Turks and Caicos Islands is joining the Blue Belt programme, marked with a two-day workshop at the Opus Conference Centre on Tuesday November 16.

The Minister of Tourism, Environment, Heritage, Maritime, Gaming and Disaster Management, the Hon. Josephine Connolly was in attendance.

The Blue Belt Programme is a UK Government initiative to enhance marine protection and sustainable marine management across UK Overseas Territories. The Programme will be working in close partnership with the Turks and Caicos Islands to provide regular, tailored support on priority areas to enhance marine management and protective measures.

It is co-delivered by two world-leading organisations: the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas), and the Marine Management Organisation (MMO).

The programme offers to strengthen governance of MPAs and marine environments, understanding and protecting biodiversity, supporting compliance and enforcement, supporting sustainable fisheries management and managing human impacts.The Blue Belt Programme is slated as one of the UK Government’s most ambitious environmental commitments ever


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