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TCIFA Grassroots Programme Suspended Due To COVID Rise

The Turks and Caicos Islands Football Association has suspended its Grassroots Programme due the sudden rise in COVID-19 Cases.

Technical Director for the Programme Dane Ritchie told NewslineTCI that the programme will be suspended initially for two weeks and should resume after the threat has subsided.

“Reopening back the programme will be based on the cases, of course…how those numbers fluctuate. Of course, we will resume once it is safe for everybody to come back,” he said.

He said the mingling of players on the field was no different from that of face-to-face learning, noting that the government has since announced a closure of schools, with learning being returned to online.

“You would have seen that schools have been reverted to online again because of the risk. And so, coming to the field is the same as going to school and mixing and mingling with your peers, and so, we have suspended it for two weeks, and then we would look at the situation after that,” Ritchie said.

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