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TCIFA Launches Its First Community Service Programme, #GOAM

The Turks and Caicos Islands Football Association announced the launch of ‘Girls On A Mission’ (#GOAM), a group of female leaders committed to giving back to the local communities of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

President of the TCIFA, Sonia Fulford addresses the audience during the #GOAM workshop

#GOAM, which was launched on Thursday, July 22, is geared to promote the empowerment of young girls and women through projects and workshops and are guided by the principles of community-service.

With the role of women growing day by day, women’s movements spreading wider in all contexts. TCIFA recognizes that the rise of women leaders is hugely a success of organizations continuing to encourage girls and women to participate in all aspects.

#GOAM envisions a community engaged in positive change, transformed by service. The programme’s vision is to promote caring and inclusive communities that respect, empower, and value all people to lead better quality lives.

#GOAM aims to engage in analyzing and addressing community concerns, explore ways of building strong relationships at various levels of society, and expand footprint with increased support that reaches the length and breadth of the “Beautiful by Nature” Turks and Caicos Islands.

To commemorate the launch of #GOAM, a girls and women’s empowerment workshop was hosted at the TCIFA National Academy on Friday, July 23rd. An overwhelming show of support was indicated by the number of participants who were just as eager and excited to get the ball rolling.

The workshop was facilitated by Coach Gillian Vernice, entailing a number of development activities and games, acknowledgements by #GOAM Project Organizer Olivia Graveley, and a salute by TCIFA president, Sonia Fulford. It was an interactive and dynamic session, providing an open and neutral environment for participants to share.

Some of the #GOAM workshop participants showoff their certificates of participation

“It is crucial for us to foster the development of leadership skills in young girls and women as we aim to expand their social circles, enhance their social awareness, and equip them with a platform that allows them to feel like valued contributors to society.

“We are so excited to be able to provide a forum for them to share their experiences and ideas, and I am certainly moved by each and everyone’s enthusiasm and willingness to take on their roles,” Fulford said.

On Saturday July 24th, #GOAM initiated its first service project, a cleanup campaign called ‘Pick Up For Progress’ (#PUFP), targeting the Lower Bight Road, Venetian Road, Blue Hills Front Road, and Millennium highway. #PUFP will consist of a series of cleanups moving throughout the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Gravely commented: “It doesn’t end here. Whilst we are building advocacy to develop strong, compassionate female leaders, we are also finding ways to protect and restore our communities for ourselves, and future generations. #PUFP is just one of the many ways for us to do our part for the country we love. I applaud the work of our participants, not just for speaking up, but for also standing up and taking action.”

#GOAM will run year-round, with a succession of workshops and a variation of service projects.

TCIFA and #GOAM have expressed thanks to its partners, Graceway IGA, Graceway Gourmet, Provence By Eric, Elite Brokerage and the Ianthe Pratt Primary School.


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