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Tenders For Light/Middleweight Contractors Unleashed

Premier Hon. Washington Misick has unveiled a slew of projects for petty, small and medium contractors during his address to the country on Thursday.

Premier Washington Misick

The address was to primarily enlighten the country as to what his administration had been up to as it reached its 200th day in office.

The premier said no big contractors need apply for this round of tenders and contract awards, as only petty, small, and medium ones would benefit.

In the categories now being catered to, the premier announced that there were 37 contracts being awarded and valued at $202,323. Those contracts, he said, are relating to street verging and cleaning, as well as demolition works.

“We have set aside $5.3m works projects across the islands,” Premier Misick said. “I am happy to say that work has commenced and is being rolled out in categories relating to contractors’ licenses. Level 1 is valued at $1500 to $10,000 – relating to a petty contractor. Level 2 is valued at $10,000 to $40,000 – relating to the category of a small contractor. Level 3 is valued at $40,000 to $70,000 – relating to medium size contractor.”

In South Caicos, seven contracts have been awarded at a cost of $10,519. Four tenders were expected to close in Grand Turk on Friday and evaluated sometime next week at a value of 76,500. Beach-cleaning tenders in Grand Turk in seven locations is scheduled for next Tuesday, 28 September, and are valued at $70,000.

The premier announced that tenders for road and verge cleaning in Providenciales will go out on Wednesday, September 29 and are valued at $366,600.

The premier said scoping works have been taking place in Salt Cay, Middle Caicos and North Caicos.

“There were two canal-cleaning tenders for Grand Turk valued at $10,100 and will open on Monday, September 27,” he noted, affirming that his administration have been committed to offering tangible employment to its people in order to bring back their hope and respectability.

“We are providing gainful employment. We are restoring hope and dignity, while cleaning up and beautifying our islands,” the premier added.

He hinted that large contractors are not written off, but this time is not their time.

“Large contractors are not qualified to participate. If and when that level of contract is awarded you would be notified,” he said.


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