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Tense Calm In Five Cays As Heavy Police Presence Prevails

There is a tense calm in the community of Five Cays as members of the Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force, including its top brass, flooded the streets of that settlement.

Late Wednesday, a strong contingent of crimefighters, some heavily armed, were seeing making spot checks of vehicles entering and leaving the community of Five Cays.

The chopper loaned by the Cayman government to the Turks and Caicos Islands, to tackle the upsurge in gun crimes

While law enforcement remained on the ground, a chopper circled the sky combing for illegal activities.

The activity came in the wake of back-to-back double murders in that community on Saturday and Sunday past. Among the dead was a woman.

Commissioner of Police Trevor Botting, who was also on the ground, said the throng of police presence also included the Tactical Unit. He expressed his apology to the law-abiding citizenry of the area whose lives have been altered due to the operation, stating that it was necessary that the operation be carried out to destabilize criminality in the area.

“I realized being out here is inconvenient for our law-abiding citizens going about their business. I am grateful for their patience, (but) it is necessary. And we go after finding those people carrying guns and causing arm,” Commissioner Botting said.

Commissioner Botting vowed that if criminal elements continue to orchestrate their illegal acts, the police will continue to have heavy presence in the community. The police commissioner also called for those with information to come forward and divulge them, so that those creating mayhem in and around the community can be held to account.

Earlier in the day the police announced a bolter in its crimefighting mechanism with the acquisition a H145 helicopter loaned by the Cayman Islands.

The state-of-the-art helicopter will provide the much-needed aerial support.

“This helicopter has added a substantial capability to the Force’s security arsenal and will enhance our ability to safeguard the communities and its citizens from the air, alongside our officers on the ground and sea,” Botting said.



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