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His Excellency the Governor, Nigel Dakin, chaired the 10th meeting of Cabinet on Wednesday 16 March 2022. This meeting was held virtually.

All Members were present with exception from the Hon Minister of Health on official business overseas. At this meeting Cabinet:

Agreed funding linked to court judgements associated with Sri Lankan Nationals.

Approved a contingency funding application from the Ministry of Immigration and Border Services to support the immigration repatriation programme and for a Supplementary Appropriation to be submitted to the House of Assembly.

Approved for the TCI Government to enter into a rental lease agreement of Emily House, (Parcel 60715/367), Leeward Highway, Providenciales for a period of three years for government business as a Mediation Centre and accommodate staff of the judicial administration.

Approved a negotiation range/ceiling for the purchase of a development on Parcel 60804/150, the Bight & Thomas Stubbs, Providenciales as a future hospitality training facility and boutique hotel.

Approved for the TCI Government to enter into negotiations for the purchase of Parcel 60607/79, Providenciales, for the purpose of developing several capital infrastructure projects linked to internal and national security including but, not limited to, a Prison Remand Centre, the RTCIPF Marine Branch Base and an Immigration Detention Centre.

Approved a waiver against the moratorium for a restricted number of applicants to be considered for a first time work permit where “all routes to employ Turks and Caicos Islanders have been demonstrably exhausted”.

Was updated on recent gun related crimes and police action being taken.

Was updated on issues related to the Ministries of:

1. Education;

2. Tourism; and

3. The Governor’s Office.

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