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Undocumented Haitian Man Pleads Guilty to Sexual Assault Of A Minor

Jean Erold Paulidor, who is also facing deportation, pleaded guilty to sexual assault and unlawful entry. Police investigators said the charges stemmed from an investigation in November 2021, which involved a minor.

Paulidor, who was remanded in custody on his first appearance in the Providenciales Magistrate court in November 2021, was awarded credit by the court for time already spent in prison and he will now face deportation.

Superintendent Lisa Mitcheson highlighted the quick and professional response of the first responders who gathered vital evidence from the scene. She said such initial good work by the police, resulted in the obtaining of DNA evidence that proved the case.

“I also praise the courage of the victim and officers from the Safeguarding Unit for dealing with the victim sensitively,” said Mitcheson. “The Safeguarding Team are highly trained and deal with all victims of abuse with respect, dignity and confidentiality.”

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