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Used Cars/Tires Ban Has Date Change

The Government has announced a change in its date to ban the importation of used and re-treaded tires, as well as motor vehicles 10 years and above.

The effective date for the ban was scheduled for September 1, but the Washington Misick Administration said it will be pushing back the date to October 15, 2021.

“The Government remains committed to ensuring environmental protection, consumer safety, and proper waste management within the Turks and Caicos Islands,” the administration said in the news release announcing the extension, adding “It is therefore critical that all measures and processes are properly executed to ensure the greatest and most effective results.”

The government announced the ban earlier this year on the premise that the Turks and Caicos was becoming a graveyard for imported aged motor vehicles and retreaded and used tires.

The government is of the view that should the importation of such vehicles be allowed to continue at its current rate, the country could be steering down the barrel of an environmental hazard.

It noted that exemptions will be granted in special cases such as heavy equipment.

It also announced a huge cut in customs fees for motor vehicles under that age, as well as for new tires.

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