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Been lambaste PNP Government Over Overall Management Of The TCI

Deputy Leader of the Peoples Democratic Movement (PDM) Robert Been is knocking the Washington Misick administration over what he deemed as the poor management of the country.

The Following is a statement released by Been:

I am very disappointed to see the lack of representation for Five Cays, following the shocking crime wave of last week. Many of you may know, I consider Five Cays home because that is the community I grew up in, so the disregard for the situation is just fully unacceptable.

Earlier this year I expressed deep concern for the way life was deteriorating in so many of the communities of the Turks and Caicos, and that crime was escalating. It is a trend that has sadly not stopped, it is getting worse.

In my regular visits to areas like Five Cays, I am learning that people continue to feel deserted, and this latest shooting spree with no one from the government coming out to offer a word of comfort or hope, demonstrates that the representative elected for the work is so preoccupied with her Cabinet seat, that she seems to have forgotten about her Constituency seat.

I hear nothing being said about National Security – sad to say – the Five Cays constituency has the most crime happening in the country. It is on her watch that nothing is being said and it seems nothing is being done when young people are committing serious crime and people are dying or being seriously injured as a result of violence.

We all know that if the PDM were the government, when this crime spike broke loose, the current MP would have been all over it. Now that she has the power she asked for, we get silence. It’s a total no show on her job of taking care of Five Cays and Chalk Sound. Chalk Sound is also an area I grew up in, and so to see, that these areas are being neglected is hurtful.

While this government continues to promote their “Best life’ slogan around like all is well with the world, the people in this country are struggling under the weight of global inflation, run down infrastructure, slow government services, low or unchanged salaries and the fear of being the next victim of deadly crime.

On another note, Economists, Accountants, the Business Community and the Media have all reported that the reduction in CPF and government fuel tax will not change the costs to consumers, but the Government, who is aware of these reports, is silent on this issue. Not one word from the elected government in a month.

This is disrespectful to our professional community. A decision was made without proper and thorough consultation, so the taxes announced last month have so far been a waste of time and added paperwork which offers no real money savings that residents can feel.

We know that you the people of this country are frustrated. You voted in people who said they would work, but the work must improve. But, do not despair, the PDM will continue to speak out and agitate on your behalf. I will continue to keep this government aware of what you need or what you say, and how many of their policies are failing you.

I saw the Minister of Finance in one of his many boasts, highlighting what was not even a handful of businesspeople receiving grants through the MSME of Invest Turks and Caicos Agency. To me, to show off for two people receiving government funding proves the goals for this PNP Administration are far too conservative. We are an enterprising people; ready to build our own businesses and succeed. We need a government with big goals and big heart who are ready to equip us and help us achieve our goals.

If we are going to be serious about changing the lives of people, and empowering people economically, then we need to be attracting crowds. The kinds of crowds which were attracted when you were giving out the stimulus. Thousands came when you gave $1,000 and $500; so ask yourself, why then are they not coming when you are offering $10,000 or more in program benefits?

Let’s discuss Grand Turk for a moment. What credentials do the people of Grand Turk need in order for you to get them a reliable water supply? Year after year, we hear of issues about the water for Grand Turk including broken equipment and lack of security to protect it. What is it going to take for the Government to just give this matter the dedicated attention it deserves? Your priority list needs shuffling, PNP.

You’re thinking about vendors’ markets and how to accommodate more cruise passengers when Grand Turk can’t even supply water to a few thousand people. Water is a fundamental, essential part of life and living, and doing business and providing health care. How do these officials rest at night knowing, thousands of people in Grand Turk are denied basic water?

Once and for all, fix the water problem in our nation’s capital. We are still in a pandemic which demands higher levels of good hygiene which means they need reliable water services. It is where the majority of tourists come in due to the cruise ships, the water cannot keep running out.

Back to finance. Mr. Finance Minister, the IMF is coming in here, looking for ways to make more money on the backs of the smallest earners, and government services are struggling to keep pace with the growing population demands. As for E Government – can we have a progress report on that?

Yes, we can apply for a police record online, but it’s taking three months to get one in hand. Adding to these issues, you want to introduce a new tax, maybe a VAT tax. The PDM is not in support of VAT. Our people cannot handle a bigger tax burden.

From where I stand, you are not getting the work done as much as our people need, and in the meaningful ways we need it. Your show and tell time is up, you cannot get tired now. Work!


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