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Let’s Move TCI is back, and open for registration!

Following the 2022 instalment of the 12-week health & fitness initiative, Let’s Move TCI (LMTCI) has returned! Registration has already begun for January 2023 and our partners are over the moon with what is to come.

The Turks and Caicos Islands Sports Commission, National Health Insurance Board, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health have partnered again for the second go-round, bringing healthier living to the doorsteps of each resident in the Turks and Caicos Islands.

In 2022, the programme aiming to reduce sedentary lifestyles littered a snowball effect of health consciousness and fitness across the Turks and Caicos Islands, hosting over 400 participants. The LTMCI initiative caters for a wealth of interactive workout sessions, weekly fitness challenges, healthy meal preparation and nutrition tips to participants.

In the upcoming 2023 instalment, the LTMCI committee has taken a similar approach to last year with rejuvenating additions to reach a larger demographic. New to the programme are the school tours targeted at primary school students across the islands, to spark health education in our youth. After the success of the half marathon, we will be hosting competitive island runs on each island with prizes to be won. In addition, a larger package of LMTCI merchandise.

At our core, our objectives are to:

· Allow residents to participate in a variety of appropriate physical activities;

· Develop and reinforce healthy lifestyle behaviours;

· Educate residents on establishing lifelong fitness goals;

· Educate residents on the health benefits of physical fitness;

· Reduce the risk of chronic disease among residents; and

· Evaluate the success of the purpose and mission of the program.

While our focussed audience is made up of people living on the islands, ‘Movers’ are welcome to register and join the movement worldwide while following the programme online.

Register for the 12-week health & fitness initiative here:

For more information on what Let’s Move TCI is about and what we plan to achieve click here:

Relive the experience of Let’s Move TCI 2022 here:

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