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Maxia Thomas Bart Appointed Temporary DDME Assistant Program Officer

Maxia Thomas Bart has been appointed as the Department of Disaster Management and Emergency’s (DDME) Program Officer.

Maxia Thomas Bart

Thomas Bart, described as a humanitarian at heart has dedicated the last six years of her life to assisting those in need throughout her community. She is also described as humble, mother and wife that is grateful to God for all her blessings and opportunities over the years.

Bart hails from the island of South Caicos and a graduate of Marjorie Basden High School. She earned her Associate Degree in Law from the Turks and Caicos Community College.

During her enrolment, she served as the President of the Student guide from December 2007 until she graduated in July 2009.

In 2013, Bart graduated from the Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte North Carolina with her Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing. Upon returning to her homeland, she joined Scotiabank TCI, where she served in the Customer Service department and then was promoted to Personal Banking Officer.

During her six years at Scotia, Bart worked across multiple functions and channels to grow the client portfolio, while achieving her targets and providing excellent customer service.

Bart declared that she is always ready to open the door of opportunities when it knocks.

“As an entrepreneur, you must be always ready to pursue your passion, and that also means being open and willing to learn something new. This is why I grasp the opportunity to work with the DDME.

“During my tenure at DDME I intend to learn as much as possible about the dynamics of disaster management and the role that everyone plays within these operations.

“ Along with growing professionally, I look forward to the learning exchange as the programs delivered by DDME can also save your life when applied as a lifestyle.

“I’m hoping for the opportunity to exhibit my organizational skills and marketing experience by contributing to the numerous projects and Public Information campaigns that exist.

“I thank God for this opportunity and pray that he continues to bless us and be our guide as we prepare for the unexpected during this hurricane season.”


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