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More Delays For International Flights At Provo Airport

The Turks and Caicos Islands Airports Authority has issued a press statement warning the travelling public that there will be chronic flight delays, with scheduled flights for Saturday, extending to Sunday.

The scenario is a repeat of last weekend’s chaotic situation at the airport, which saw some flights queuing up to land, directed to the JAGS McCartney International Airport in the country’s capital Grand Turk, until space was available.

“Airports Authority (TCIAA) wishes to inform the general and traveling public that flight operations at the Providenciales International Airport will be interrupted / extended into the early hours of Sunday, January 9, 2022,” the report said.

The Airports Authority has directed passengers to their respective airlines for further details.

“Kindly contact your respective airline operators for further information on arrival and departure times. The TCIAA thanks you for your patience,” thre news release concluded.

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