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Provo Water Co. Suspends ‘After Hour’ Services Due To Escalating Crime

The escalating crime rate across Providenciales has affected the operations of at least one of that island’s key utility companies – Provo Water Company.

The Island’s sole city water distributor announced Tuesday that effective immediately, it would cease its ‘after hours’ procedures and responses out of concern for the safety of its employees.

Over the past week and a half, the Turks and Caicos Islands has recorded five gun murders, all of which took place on Providenciales. The killings spurred government to seek outside air and ground assistance. There has not been any official report of anyone being held for those killings.

The crime rise has sent shockwaves through the community, triggering fears among all, especially those who work at nights. As a result of concerns from employees, some establishments have made special arrangements for their late-night workers, including sleepovers. Others like Provo Water Company have taken the decision to either cut back on operating late or suspend night activities altogether.

“Due to the growing security concerns across our communities, Provo Water Company Ltd wishes to advise our customers of changes to our after-hour operations, as we seek to ensure the safety of our employees,” a statement from Provo Water Company said Tuesday.

The statement continued: “Effective Tuesday, September 13th, 2022, all after-hour field services will be suspended. This will include reconnections, no water/ low pressure, and small water leaks. These changes will remain in effect until future notice.”

To this end, Provo Water Company stated that all reports of no water received after 5:00 pm will be investigated the following morning.

“All reports of burst pipes and leaks will be investigated immediately to stop and prevent water wastage. Repairs and reinstatement of service will resume the following morning. Our 24-hour emergency line (649-231-0705 or 649-946-5202) will remain open to receive outage and leak reports,” the company stated.


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