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Season 2 ‘FLOW In Morning’ Adds 2 Hosts

The second season of FLOW In Morning has added two additional hosts to its line-up, packing more firepower and gusto to the increasingly popular mid-morning programme.

(L-R) Kabatha Smith, HRC Representative; Darcia Ingham, Flow B2B Sales Mgr; Anissa Bootle, Flow Business Support; Sabrina Green, Host, Human Rights in a Time of Crisis; Darron Hilaire, Flow, Brand Marketing Communications Manager; Joanne Missick, Flow, Country Manager; Leo Lightbourne, Host, Bourne to Lead; Sheba Wilson, Host, She Will Lead; Melanie Smith, Host, Career Connection

Last season, the line-up comprised of hotelier Sheba Wilson, with her show ‘She Will Lead’; career trainer Melanie Smith, whose show is entitled ‘Career Connection’; and youth male advocate Leo Lightbourne, with ‘Bourne to Lead’.

In this new season, the show will welcome FLOW’s Marketing Communications Executive, Darron D. Hilaire Jr. who will reintroduce the ‘Awakening Possibility,’ a programme he created and hosted while in mainstream media and human rights advocate Sabrina Greene.

Speaking at the launch on Thursday, Hilaire, who was one of the main producers of the show last season, said the programme is geared at transforming lives.

Season two kicked off on October 11, with Hilaire hosting on Mondays, Wilson on Tuesdays, Lightbourne on Wednesdays, Smith on Thursdays, and Green on Fridays. The duration of each show is between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m.

Hilaire disclosed that FLOW created the programme in an undertaking to change lives. He added that he decided to join the line-up after a tsunami of positive public feedback.

“I never intended to be part of the line-up. It was, for me, to create a platform for others,” he said. “But after season one, and I got into the mix of hearing these conversations and watching people, who I like to call ‘from my tribe’, speak and I come to life in a way that I had not come to life in a while in front of the camera for six years, when I did ‘Awakening Possibility’ on PTV8 and 4News, before I came to the company (FLOW).”

He added: “And to have them do that for me, and to be the awakening for me…creating an awakening moment for me, has lit a fire in me to introduce ‘Awakening Possibility’ at this time.”

He said the narrative in awakening possibility will be to change the narrative of the Turks and Caicos Islands, saying he was happy to be part of a group of people who share the same goal.

“I am not very easy on my mouth…I am not afraid to tackle controversial issues. I like to talk about things that people don’t usually touch on,” he said, noting that his selection of guests would be lined up accordingly.

His show will feature the likes of Myles Munroe Jr., son of the late international figure, Myles Munroe.

For his part, Lightbourne said ‘Bourne to Lead’ is geared to give young people, especially young men a voice so they do not feel alienated from the process of climbing the societal ladder.

“I know we are not climbing well, and it seems that we are not interested in climbing up the ladder…it seems so, but we are. We want our voices to be heard, and ‘Bourne to Lead’ is solely based on that…acknowledging the fact that you were born here to lead.

“And that is exactly what Bourne to Lead tries to capture…us as young men in our natural state of leadership. And I want to thank FLOW for this opportunity because as young men we don’t get it that much,” he said.

Lightbourne gave a hint of what the show would be doing on season two.

“I focused a lot on those people in season one. Season two, I am going to mix it up. I am going to bring on some giants. But again, I am going to bring on the young men who don’t get the opportunity to tell their stories,” he said.

Greene said she would delve into topics that affect the lives of everyone in the country.

Her show which premiers today, will focus on food security. The two guests will be Food for Thought and the Red Cross.

Wilson told the news conference that she was passionate about developing leaders and allowing them to walk in their purpose.

“I believe in developing leaders…I am so passionate about it because my road to leadership took a lot longer than it should have,” she said, adding that now that she has been equipped with international experience, including being a certified John Maxwell Trainer, will give her the opportunity to haul up others into leadership.

Smith, also a John Maxwell Trainer, stated that one should expect more career advice and training from her new season, as she deemed it a wonderful opportunity to be serving her country in such a capacity. She thanked FLOW for the opportunity to make a huge difference in the lives of so many people.

Meanwhile, Joanne Missick, Country Manager for FLOW TCI, described the programme as substantial and one that is designed to grow the community in a positive way.

"For me, my staff have to have the tools in order to be successful. We can give minutes, we can give phones…we can do that stuff. But the knowledge that these ambassadors, these hosts are giving to our community, it’s something that is going to last. It is something that you are going to take with you. It is something that is measurable. And I believe when you are going to give somebody something, it should have some substance.



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