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TCAAA President Edith Skippings Prevails

The power struggle that almost consumed the Turks and Caicos Amateur Athletics Association (TCAAA), forcing regional governing body NACAC to get involved has been resolved with current president Edith Skippings’s position ratified, and her challenger Willah Gray remains the First Vice President.

Skippings remains TCAA President.

As a matter of fact, according to Jarrett Forbes, Director of Sports, nothing has changed with the executive. Forbes presided over the meeting, which was held on Monday, July 4, at the Commonwealth Games Association's Office at Graceway House along Leeward Highway in Providenciales.

When contacted, Skippings declined to comment at that time, explaining that the Sports Commission was preparing a news release regarding the meeting and the organization’s current direction, and so, did not want to preempt that body with any related comment.

Forbes told NewslineTCI that bones of contention were to hammer out, and all came away with a clear understanding of their functions and responsibilities.

“Edith Skippings remained the president until the next election, I guess sometime next year in the summer,” Forbes told NewslineTCI, further explaining that the warranted meeting was to cut a clear forward path with no ambiguity going forward.

FORBES... The matter has been resolved and now we can move forward with clear pathway and direction for the sport and the organization

“The meeting was to establish a clear pathway for the organization, because there was a lot of misinformation going around and the public was a bit confused as to the leadership of the organization,” Forbes said.

The ruckus in the TCAA began when some athletes who represented the country at various levels came out against Skippings, accusing her of not doing enough for their welfare, allegations that she flatly and vehemently denied.

Later, a statement bearing the TCAA Letterhead, announced that the executive had suspended Skippings and therefore, Gray was installed as the acting president of the body until she could furnish certain document relevant to the association.

However, Skippings, who reached out to NewslineTCI, maintained that the TCAAA did not have a quorum to formerly keep the meeting much less to come to any decision, and as such, was adamant that she remained the sitting president.

She also revealed that regional track and field governing body – the North American, Central American and Caribbean Athletic Association or NACAC - had gotten wind of the power struggle and became involved.

The power tussle eventually forced the Sports Commission to get involved, and so a special meeting was called with Forbes serving as the convener. Forbes said he was confident that the contentious matters were dealt with at the meeting and for the most part everyone was satisfied with the resolution as regards to the interest of the sport.

“So, this meeting was designed for the organization to determine a clear path to move forward. The matter has been resolved and now we can move forward with clear pathway and direction for the sport and the organization,” he said.

Forbes said also that there was a full quorum for the meeting and a great deal of discussion took place, with the bones of contention placed on the table and hammered out.

“Pretty much all the members were present, and they were able to vote and motion certain things, and really dig into the issues. And so, I think it was a very productive meeting. We are optimistic that things will improve and will operate better,” Forbes said.


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