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What If God Ordains COVID Vaccines?

“If you are facing a health crisis and a scientist…a doctor goes into his lab and comes up with a vaccine, how do you know it is not the miracle that God gave you?”

Deputy Premier and Minister of Health, Hon. E. Jay Saunders

That is the question posed by Deputy Premier and Minister of Health Hon. E. Jay Saunders as he battles to convince the men of the cloth and their parishioners that the COVID-19 Vaccines save lives rather than infused with some evil omen.

He said his struggle with the church over the vaccine probably makes him the least desirable minister in their eyes, as he said in quarters, he is accused of going against God, a claim he vehemently rejected.

“I certainly don’t agree with that because I believe miracles come in a lot of forms,” Saunders asserted.

The health minister argued that the availability of the vaccines could very well be an act of divine providence, rather than a more sinister act, as dismissed by sections of the church.

“And that is the thing that still baffles me because you have some people who would say ‘that’s (creation of the COVID-19 Vaccines) the devil’. But how do you know that that is not the miracle that God gave you?

“God is supposed to know all things, so how do you know that it is not him that put the knowledge in heads of the doctors or scientists to come up with the vaccine?” Saunders questions.

He continued: “When Noah built the arc, it was God that put the vision in his head to build the arc, to hold his family and all the animals. He would have to understand the water, the buoyancy and so on. He would have been the top engineer to build a boat like that in his day.

“Fast forward to today, those same scientists now are top-notch people that may have the knowledge of today. But somehow, we look at it and say ‘that is not the Lord, that this is somehow something else.

“How do we know that the Lord is not saying, ‘these are the people who I am going to put the knowledge in their heads to come up with the solution?

The health minister has called for a serious conversation on why some sections of the church believe whether the vaccine is unknowingly part of God’s Grace or whether the solutions in the Bible were ordained by God, but the COVID-19 Vaccine is not.

“No one has yet to prove to me that the thinkers in Bible days, when they came up with a solution and we say they were guided by God, but when the thinkers of our day come up with a solution, that somehow they think it is something that is not guided by God,” Saunders emphasized.

In the meantime, the health minister shares the view that the current waive of COVID-19 is a pandemic of the unvaccinated, a term now being used in the international media.

He pointed out that from day one, it was declared by the vaccine makers that they were not 100 percent effective, and so there would be breakthrough cases, as seen across the world.

However, he pointed out that the rate is rather miniscule when compared with those who are unvaccinated, a testament that the vaccines work.

So far, there has been one breakthrough case in the Turks and Caicos Islands.


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