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Unplanned Multitasking Can Stress You Out, Warns Human Resource Expert

Those who have many irons in the fire and trying to manage them all at once are encouraged to find time to step back and recollect themselves lest they become overwhelmed.

From left: Life coach and human resource expert Tiersa Hall and Melanie Smith, host of 'Career Connection' on FLOW in the Morning.

This piece of advice was issued by life coach and human resource expert Tiersa Hall, as she gave an interview to Melanie Smith, host of the FLOW In The Morning’s ‘Career Connection’.

Hall, who spoke on a wide variety of topics, including technology in the workplace, parenting and virtual learning, advised that it is important that one knows their stress needle, as to know when to step back from work and to recharge their batteries.

“You have to create space for yourself. When you feel your cup is getting full, you have to say, ‘halt’. I know where my cup levels are and I know when to take a break,” she declared, adding that there are times when one should step back from all tasks, including social media postings.

Hall who is a director with the Hartling Group, advised that one should allow at least 30 minutes’ personal time away from work stress each day.

She emphasized that multitasking could overwhelm anyone, and so, for those who might think themselves a failure due to being overwhelmed should not harbor such thought because being swamped comes with the territory.

She pointed out that tasks become less burdensome when structured carefully, adding that one should constantly consider what works from what does not, in order to make the necessary adjustments, and to ensure workload management.

She said asking for assistance has been a rewarding experience for her, and so, one should not be afraid to seek help.

“I am so used to being concerned about what other people need, and being so independent in that sense by always wanting to be there for everyone. And so, of course, quite naturally, you want to be there for yourself.

“And so, I have learned a lot in that arena, and I am grateful for those persons that have been in my circle. There are strong people that are overwhelmed, going through a lot and they would never ask you for help, and they struggle in that area. Why not ask for help?” she queried.

On the matter of social media communication in the workplace and how especially the method through which Millennials communicate, Hall believes employers might have to begin to move with acceptance.

“Technologies change… the generations are changing, and they are not going to stay the way the grew up. They grew up with more cutting-edge technology, which allows for faster communication, so these are the things that they are comfortable with.

“The most important thing for us should be the message…are they getting the message? Am I getting the message? And so, if you empower people to feel comfortable with whatever means they use, and if the means that they use still solve the concern or the issue that you are setting out to do, then allow them to be who they are,” she stated.

She pointed out though that not in all cases a WhatsApp voice note, or message can suffice.

“In business there are some things that you need to physically be there. If I am dealing with an issue that requires negotiations or requires me to really get a good sense of the individual and be able to read the individual, I would want that to be in a virtual space where I could see them.

“But if it is something that is simple or a task that is simple, allow the individual to communicate in a way that they are most comfortable.” She urged.

She noted though that personal cellphone can become a big distraction at work, and so it is not something she recommends.

“I am a firm supporter of cellphones and personal phones not being in the working environment…only because they form a great distraction. I don’t know about you, but the minute I hear that ping, I want to know what it says. And so, I think from that angle, you have to set some established parameters,” she said.

The flip side of that, according to her, is that technology is also beneficial in the industry as well. She outlined that in her work environment, cellphones are tied to business phone, so that matters could easily be solved or rectified.

On the matter of parenting and electronic devices with children, Hall encouraged use management, especially with iPads, as she believes it has the potential to become a huge distraction. She mentioned that there are days when her household has ‘no technology’ days. She pointed out that during the period of electronic device absence, meaningful conversations can be cultivated.


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